True noise generator. In real-time, no prerecorded sounds.

This app uses algorithms to dynamically generate noises, that's why it is so lightweight, efficient and gives you real noise.
You can pick up one of popular noise colors (or mix them), f.e: purple (violet), blue, white, pink, brown.
The app can be controlled with notifications controls, or even from lock screen.

Different people need different noises. For example one may find that brown noise helps with sleep disorders and for another white noise works better.
You can try different types of noises and find out which one can help you the best with sleep / work / etc.

This app is super simple to use, just click big 'play' button and you'll hear noise. After that you can customize your experience.
If you use this app for helping with sleep, you can set up timer that will turn off the noise after some time.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice.
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