Audio Recorder

It's simple yet configurable tool. With built-in player and easy navigation.

You can record in high-quality with format that is the best for your needs.

MP4 - small size with keeping high quality.
WAV - raw audio, so the best quality but needs a lot of space.
FLAC - quality of WAV file, but with just ~50% size.

★ Simple to use, configuration is optional.
★ Supported audio (Hz): 8000 - 96000kHz, mono / stereo.
★ Formats: FLAC, WAV, AAC / MP4 / M4A.
★ Source selection: default, mic, unprocessed, etc.
★ Automatic date-based recording name (can be always changed).
★ Ability to pause recording.
★ Can be controlled from the notifications / lock screen (if device supports it).
★ Built-in player.
★ And more ...
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